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Rhea - Tote Bag

Rhea - Tote Bag

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Why have we named the tote bag "Rhea", read about it in Nikhil's words...

"Rhea – My older sister, a year senior to me, used to attend St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. And so did I. She was the studious one and while I was loitering about the college foyer, she would have her head buried in a pile of books in the iconic wood panelled library. Bags like these were her mainstay and always will remind me of her."

The base fabric for these totes is the forever-favourite 100% Natrual Cotton. The designs on this fabric come alive through an intricate process known as screen-printing. This process involves the usage of a mesh-screen made of synthetic polymers that is strung onto a metal or wooden frame at high tension.  A stencil with the negative image of what is to be printed is placed beneath the screen and emulsion is applied to create a positive image that lets the dye seep through the screen. The dye is then applied on the fabric through the screen to print the desired image. Every design for screen-printing is made with a live-sized screen and each colour of printing requires a separate screen. The lengthy procedure and the many steps involved become worth it when the beautiful final product is created.

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