Love Is Love
Love Is Love

Love Is Love

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प्यार प्यार है , Love is love!  It just happens. So we should judge less, celebrate more. For there is no perfect love. Either it is there, or it is not there. 

Our lapel pins, have illustrations specially created in the month of Pride. They are about standing up for all kinds of love. About accepting, embracing and celebrating. And they are about saying it with pride.

  • It is made of a fine quality birch wood and hand painted by artists from Say It With A Pin. It’s a badge pin with a butterfly clutch or a safety pin back (depending on its size).
  • Height: 1.75 inches
  • Width: 0.70 inches
  • Each pin is hand painted and hand packed by our friends at SIWAP. We will ship domestic orders within 2 business days, which will arrive in another 3-4 business days.
Our lapel pins are a product of collaboration with Say It With A Pin for #InTheQueerFuture. To open just hold the wings on clutch back and press them together to release the nail. Pin up on your garment, jacket, bra, shoes, wherever you want.