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Juntos | Mi Casa Curtains

Juntos | Mi Casa Curtains

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Imagine your house having all the luxury home decor items but average curtains? What impression will it have on your guests? Not so good, right? Which is why these authentic cotton curtains named after a Spanish term Juntos, meaning together can be the perfect addition to your bedroom or hall, for catching a few extra hours of fun and laughter with your friends or family together. Designed to blackout light and keep the scorching heat away, these cotton designer curtains are light and breezy, giving you the perfect vibe of boosting some privacy with your loved ones. 

Choose from two stunning prints and colours. Match them with your decor or go for a contrasting look, but we’re sure they’ll change the way your house looks within 5 minutes!  

  • 100% Cotton Slub
  • Ready-to-use single curtain with loops.
  • Translucent in form, our pure cotton curtain diffuses sunlight, to lend a warm glow to your room
  • Material is biodegradable, and therefore a sustainable, eco-friendly choice.
  • Repels micro-organisms and absorbs moisture.
  • Ages gracefully, becoming softer with every wash.
  • Consciously crafted — low-impact dyeing, no harsh chemical treatments.  
  • Designed and made in India.
  • 45" x 60" - Window
  • 45" x 85" - Door/French Window
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