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If Only - Pouch

If Only - Pouch

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Why have we named the pouch "If Only", read about it in Nikhil's words...

“If Only” – If only I had a pretty pouch like this, I would’ve had all my pens and pencils and things in one place during my college days and would not have had to search the dark recesses of my bag, and, having failed to find one, followed it by begging/borrowing pens from whoever was sitting next to me.

The base fabric for these pouches is the forever-favrourite 100% Natural Cotton. The design on this fabric come alive through digital printing. This new-age method brings the charm of prints and the convenience of technology together. In this method, designs from a computer or any electronic device are directly printed onto the fabric. Digital printing is considered to be a major evolution in printing methods and has opened up varied design possibilities with it.


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