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Over a pint of beer

Gordon - Glass Jar Locket

Gordon - Glass Jar Locket

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Why have we named the glass jar locket "Gordon", read about it in Nikhil's words...

“Gordon” – Message in a bottle – that famous song by The Police, was released in 1979. Gordon Sumner aka ‘Sting’ was probably my first major influence and he wrote this song - a song I covered at my first big gig, Independence Rock, all those years ago. Write a note, put in the bottle, and keep it for your future self to open ten years across the ocean of time.

These tiny glass jar bottes are fun. Each of them have one of the four artworks by Siddhesh Sapte and come grey sand as a reminder of life is not all black & white. You could write a letter to your future self to open it after a decade. Something you can keep close to your heart and look back at the very moment you painted your world with shades of grey.

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