Art has never been confined in a frame or four walls. It's an expression that keeps evolving. The less you define, the more meanings you will find.

Why Over A Pint Of Beer?

Good things happen over a pint of beer! When did you last hear a great story which began with,“That day we were having soup...

”In 2014, Sid during his time in Kenya started doing random sketches on brown paper. Little did he know that this would help him find his true calling. After moving back to India, Sid and Mital would meet over drinks and realised Sid's art could be a potential business opportunity. Things literally happened over a pint of beer!

What’s our inspiration?

Our biggest source of inspiration comes from people around us. One needs to just observe and understand the oddities of life. One of our favourite quotes is from the movie 'Into the Wild'. Chris McCandless says, “Happiness is only real once shared. When we cross our path with others, there is always a point in time, when a connection is formed, born perhaps out of our vulnerabilities.

"Sid celebrates imperfections because life as he sees it, is often about good beer and good friends with their idiosyncrasies. This probably helps us embrace our imperfect worlds.

Design Language

Since our biggest inspiration is people, the visual identity of the brand has a lot of human elements and faces. Someone very rightly said that you become what influences you. Another element which stands out in our artwork is Kenya as that’s where it all started!

Our vision

Art is a therapy and we personally have felt the peace at Art galleries. We asked ourselves how we can bring this exact feeling to the people. Why can't art be an extension of your personality? We took up the challenge to do something which is very niche. Our aim is to make art more accessible to people. Art is unique and limited; we didn’t want to join the fast fashion bandwagon but spread it over a pint of beer, one product at a time.