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We strive to put art into the everyday.
Rethinking fashion, home decor, kitchen and bed linen, through art.

So, if you too, believe in the unique, unusual and quirky, this is your kind of place.

Rozana co-ord sets

Say hello to our Rozana co-ord sets, the new formals. Whether it’s a zoom meeting, a video interview or even a lazy day in, our brand new co-ord sets in cotton, will keep you feeling and looking cool.
Work from home (or not!) in what we call the Rozana co-ord sets, your new formals!

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About Siddhesh

Sid cherishes free thinking and difference. He celebrates imperfections because life as he sees it, is often about good beer and good friends with their idiosyncrasies. Which probably helps us embrace our imperfect worlds. You can notice this in his work as well.